Who’s that kid?

Dear Love Bug,

Tonight you got an Oreo for dessert because you ate all your pizza and your fruit. (High five!) You twisted it apart and licked the cream out of the middle before eating each chocolate cookie. It made me wonder if doing so is some sort of innate human trait. How did you know to twist it apart and lick out the cream? Why didn’t you just take a bite? And Daddy and I aren’t obsessive Oreo eaters so it’s not like you see this behavior frequently modeled or anything. 

Anyway, I started humming the Oreo jingle I grew up hearing on TV. You know, it starts “Oh oh oh, who’s that kid with the Oreo cookie? …” and ends “Nabisco! Ding!” When you were in the bath, you demanded “Sing the Oreo song!” So I did and then when you were dried off and in your room, I looked up those “vintage” ’80s Oreo commercials on YouTube, and you are now obsessed. (To your credit, they’re soooo good. Dina Shore eating Oreos! And what ever happened to TV commercial jingles?) “Play it again! Play it again!” you pleaded. So we watched five or six before I yanked the phone away. 

The Oreo might have had an effect on your tummy. While you were brushing your teeth, you burped and said, “Excuse me! My tummy was saying thank you!”

Haha! You crack me up. 

Love you like crazy, kiddo,


P.S. Happy birthday, Daddy!