Then and Now

Dear Love Bug,

I have a bit of a Timehop obsession (for future you: that’s an iPhone app), and it’s not just about keeping up my 145-day streak of checking it. I love seeing pictures of you from one and two years ago, from the very beginning of our adventure together. 

Today’s Timehop from two years ago was one of my most favorite shots of you ever. You were almost seven months old, sitting up on your own and playing with your Zany Zoo cube (which I just last week passed on to someone who won’t let it collect dust in a corner, and now I’m a little bit sad about it). You had delightfully chubby elbows and thighs, and your hair was starting to grow back in after your tragic Bald Phase. You had a slightly longer and thicker tuft on top that came straight through the center, giving you a somewhat punk-rock vibe. Anyway, you’d turned around and given me a smile that will forever melt my heart, and I caught it in just that instant. Oh boy were you a beautiful baby!

I took a picture of you yesterday, standing on the porch with your newest Paw Patrol shirt and your turtle backpack on. And your ubiquitous red Chucks. And you look so much like a big boy ready for school that I kind of want to cry. (Where did that baby go and so very quickly?) You’re in need of a haircut, and you have So. Much. Hair. But what’s funny is that your cheeks are bigger now, I think, than they were at seven months. And what’s strange is you don’t really look anything like that baby anymore. Your features have changed completely. You’re no longer elvin and more munchkin. But you are still absolutely strikingly beautiful. 

And you’ll always be my baby. 

Love you like crazy, kiddo,