Heart Fonder

Dear Love Bug,

Last night, you had an impromptu sleepover at Nonna and Opa’s–the first of its kind, really. You’ve slept away from home without us only a handful of times, and all have been carefully coordinated and choreographed.

But when Nonna offered to take you home with her rather than babysit you here at home so we could sleep in this morning, we couldn’t say no. 

So you got a fun afternoon and evening with your grandparents, including dinner at your absolute favorite restaurant IHOP at which you were allowed to order the Happy Face Pancake chock full of chocolate and smothered in whipped cream AND bring Marshall to dinner with you. 

And Mamma and Daddy got a delightful dinner out with friends complete with a stop at the Charmery and a low-stress, lazy morning. 

Win win! And boy are we lucky–and thankful!–to have your grandparents close by and willing to do this for us. 

This is good practice for us, too. In September, we’ll be leaving you for a couple of nights for a weekend away in celebration of our fifth anniversary. And there may be opportunities before then for nights away from each other, too. 

What I realize is that I miss you almost immediately. The house is eerily quiet with you gone–I miss your constant, sweetly pitched chatter–and I have so much time on my hands, it makes me fidgety. 

And isn’t that exactly what they say should happen? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I can’t wait to squeeze you in a couple of hours!

Love you like crazy, kiddo,