Cuddles and Shoes

Dear Love Bug,

You were such a lovey cuddly kid this evening–and generally pretty cooperative to boot–that I felt downright spoiled. You even ran over to give me a big hug when I picked you up at daycare. That never happens. 

Could this be a new developmental phase? If so, I like it!

While I was changing you for bed on Topperone–that’s your giant stuffed giraffe from Aunt Audra that we use as a floor pillow–you spotted a new pair of shoes out of the corner of your eye. They’re adorable Vans-esque checkerboard slip-ons. 

You have shunned these shoes since the moment I introduced them to you, instead insisting on wearing your red Chucks day in and day out. But tonight, they intrigued you and you wanted to put them on immediately, accompanied by nothing but your overnight diaper. 

“Do you like them?” I asked, somewhat dubiously. “Yeah!” you said enthusiastically. “Do you want to wear them tomorrow to daycare?” “Yeah!” And so begins a love affair with a new pair of shoes. 
Love you like crazy, kiddo,



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