Mouse Proficient

Dear Love Bug,

Today you requested to go to the library after daycare, and when we got there, you made a beeline for the computers in the kids’ area. We spent 25 minutes there, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so focused. You chose a matching (colors, shapes) game, one we’ve never played before, and you really wanted to use the mouse. So we trained. 

For each move of a game piece, I’d ask you where it needed to be placed. And then, with my hand on top of yours on top of the pint-sized mouse, your little still-chubby index finger extended over the left button, we chanted, “Click, Hold, Drag.” Over and over and over. And you know what? After four rounds of the game, you had pretty much gotten the hang of it. Look at you! Two and a half and already mouse proficient. I was 16 or something. 
My favorite moment of the evening: lying in our big bed with you while you watched TV before bedtime, and you rolled into me for cuddles, then slung both legs over my thigh. And there we stayed. You’re not always the most cuddly kid at this point (although you’re getting cuddlier, seeking out hugs and kisses), so cuddly moments are never under appreciated. 

Love you like crazy, kiddo,



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