Dear Love Bug,

I’m going to keep this short because it’s late and I’ve had a heck of a day. 

Today’s low: You had a complete meltdown at daycare when I came to pick you up because you’d had an accident during nap time that took your prized Paw Patrol T-shirt, which you were so proud to wear, out of commission. You desperately wanted to put it back on, despite it being rolled up in a wet ball in a plastic bag. I told you I’d do the wash tonight so you could wear it tomorrow (hello, mom points!) but you wanted to wear it now. {sob} It took Gina to calm you down, and then you were mad, so you pushed Emmelou and knocked her over backwards. I carried you kicking and screaming from daycare. Not our finest moment. 

Today’s high: A couple of hours later, when you’d long since calmed down, I asked you if you wanted to help me water the plants out front. You’d think I’d offered you a puppy. You requested your little blue “superhero” watering can to do the job. You couldn’t quite get the hang of tipping it and instead kept dumping it over, but at least you got the plants wet. You asked for a refill over and over, and your pure delight at being helpful made my heart happy. I even propped you up on the deck box so you could water the hanging planters. We only lost one tulip in the process–you plowed your watering can into it a bit too mightily and managed to decapitate it–but who could even be mad when you’re so sweet about helping me with a chore?

Love you like crazy, kiddo,



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