Posting this, despite never having finished it, for posterity’s sake. Spoiler alert: Joaquin headed out to sea, thereby sparing us all a lot of angst, and you’re now fully walking. Stay tuned for a major catch-up post on your first big adventure abroad.

13 months

Unpredictable powerhouse Hurricane Joaquin, churning over the Bahamas and absolutely battering them with its Category 4 wrath, is keeping us in limbo about the viability of our flight out on Sunday afternoon. Damn that weather system. Yesterday, it seemed awfully dire: It was going to race up the East Coast and all the way up the Bay–imagine!–and absolutely pummel us this weekend. Last night, after you went to bed, Daddy and I even cleared the deck of all objects that might possibly be picked up and flung by hurricane-force winds.

And this after we’ve been planning this trip for nearly a year. We even got our packing done last weekend, knowing we’d be pressed for time this week and seeking to avoid the stress of leaving things for the last minute. We still have a lengthy list of last-minute stuff to do and things to pack, but I’m feeling organized and on top of things, which hopefully will keep everyone’s blood pressure steady. We’re attempting to pack in two suitcases plus a (relatively) small duffle for you. We have a single carry-on (amazing) in addition to your diaper bag, although it’s fully bursting at the seams. We’ll also have your car seat and umbrella stroller, of course–and you!–so we’ll have plenty to wrangle.

I’m nervous but not nearly as nervous as I was before. At this point, I just want to head out.

Which is where Joaquin might foil our plans. We’ll know significantly more tomorrow, and all we can do is wait and watch to see what he’ll decide to do. (As an aside, is it weird that we name our storms? That we assign them genders? Every time I think of the storm, I see Joaquin Phoenix’s face–fitting, since I’ve never particularly liked him as an actor.)