a toof

49 weeks

Way back in January, we were convinced you were teething. You began chomping on everything, and you were particularly fussy in short bursts that seemed to be mitigated by Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets.

Six months later, you still had no teeth. So it’s completely defensible that recently I’ve been peering intently into your mouth on a daily basis, telling you to go “aaah” while you stare at me like I’m crazy. Yesterday evening, we were playing together before your bath and I noticed that your bottom gum looked slightly swollen on the left side. I contorted myself for a better look into your mouth, and I audibly gasped. There it was: a tiny slit in the top of your gum and the just-barely-visible picket-fence top of a mini tooth poking through.

I squealed and called for your Daddy. He came running because he thought something was wrong. And perhaps no one’s ever been so excited about a tooth before but it feels like a major milestone.

I ran my index finger over the spot and felt the petite zippered ridge of your very first tooth, making its way slowly but surely into what I know is going to be a stellar (and hopefully naturally straight, pretty please) smile.

I thought I’d be able to see more of it this morning–that it somehow would have grown substantially overnight–but no, it was pretty much the same. Maybe within a week’s time you’ll have an actual, fully there tooth?

Welcome to the world of the dent-ed, Munchkin!



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