sunrise and sweet potatoes

23 weeks

These days, “sleeping in” means getting up when the alarm goes off at 6 a.m. Since we eliminated your dream feed about 10 days ago, you’ve decided that your alarm goes off at 5:30. I know I shouldn’t complain about this given that by 5:30, you’ve slept for at least nine and a half hours. Sometimes it’s more like 10 hours or more. But 5:30 just feels so early.

Interestingly, you don’t really cry when you wake up from your overnight sleep (as you do when you wake up from naps during daylight hours) so much as “eh-eh-eh” to let us know you’re awake. Sometimes, the “eh-eh-eh”-ing is more you babbling to yourself. We try to ignore it for as long as we can, as you don’t seem to be in any distress, but at a certain point, we cut our losses.

It’s still dark when I feel my way into your room to turn off your nightlight and turn on your orange and blue lamps. Lately, as soon as I open the door, you’ve been turning your head toward the wall and squeezing your eyes shut as if you’re pretending to still be asleep. Then I lean over you to whisper “good morning, sunshine,” and you turn your face toward me, open your eyes and flash me your huge, gummy grin. All of a sudden, 5:30 isn’t so bad after all.

When you’re done eating, all three of us–Daddy, you and I–sit in bed and talk about your day ahead. And this time of year, when we pull up the shades on the windows above the bed, we are treated to some of the most spectacular sunrises. You like to look at them over our shoulders as we burp you. I guess that’s another not-so-terrible part of being up as early as we are.

UPDATE: Last night, you had your worst night ever since your first week (and excluding the 10 days you were dealing with your first cold). You were up at 12:30, sometime in the 1 o’clock hour, 2:30, 4 and 6. Somehow, you managed to fall back asleep between 6 and 6:05 and proceeded to make it hard for me to wake you. WHY??? Was it the full moon?

Last weekend, you got to eat something new (in sticking with our one-food-per-week plan), although we haven’t quite moved on from the “orange” food group. You didn’t seem too hot on carrots, so we thought you might appreciate something sweeter and less fibrous like sweet potato. We cooked one up for you, let it cool and cut it into chunks, which we skinned. You definitely seem more interested, especially in playing with it. You brought the chunk to your mouth right away and sucked on it, and you managed to get it all over your face (much to our delight; why is it so adorable when babies make a mess of their food?). You also loved mashing the potato in your hands until it squeezed out between your fingers. We got smart fast and strapped a bib on you, but we’re still having to wipe you down with a washcloth post meals.

You and Daddy also got to visit with your Gammi and Granddad last weekend while I enjoyed some adult time away at a birthday luncheon. Oh, how I envy you knowing your great-grandparents–and, lucky you, you’ve got three of them to dote on you. You hadn’t seen Gammi and Granddad since you were about a week old, but they follow you very closely on Facebook. Apparently, you showed off quite a bit for them, laughing and rolling over and smiling at them. You left with a pile o’ gifts, including a stuffed lamby that you adore (especially since its little legs fit perfectly into your mouth) and a St. Patrick’s Day outfit that is very apropos coming from the Irish side of your family.

After your visit, we all went shopping to stock up on nine-month clothes for you, as we are literally still squeezing you, sausage-like, into your six-month clothes. We got you the cutest pair of skinny hipster jeans and a puffy down vest with corduroy and sherpa trim; I squealed with glee when I tried them on you.

And, thanks to Nonna, who made the effort to pull it out and sit you in it, you have officially graduated to your big-boy stroller, the City Versa, which has been sitting in the basement waiting for you to grow into the harness. We’ve been using a Snap N Go frame with your car seat until now, but you are getting way too heavy to lug around in that bucket seat. So whee! Here we go on our next adventure!

This Week in Guppy Growth

  • Rumor has it you actually army crawled while at Gammi and Granddad’s. Since I haven’t seen it and there’s no video to prove it, I have no way of knowing if it actually happened. I have, however, watched you turn yourself around 360 degrees while on your tummy.
  • You are endlessly entertained (and you entertain us) by blowing raspberries while your pacifier is in your mouth, launching it in a beautiful arc several inches into the air and landing who knows where.
  • Tonight, while sitting on my lap, you pulled yourself up to standing (kinda–you were wearing socks on the hardwood floor, so your legs splayed out underneath you) by grabbing onto the handle of your toy basket.










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